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Johnny D Secrets To Selling Your Home
Secrets To Selling Your Home Fast By Johnny D
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I realize finances are an important part of your home search, but so is your time…

Spending five years as a mortgage consultant and the next twenty-five years as a Realtor, I have witnessed the pitfalls people make when purchasing a property.

Throughout life, we tend to want more than we can afford. I’ve heard it said, “We have Champagne Tastes on a Beer Pocketbook.”

Starting with how much you are financially qualified to purchase is your first step. As important, is how much you are willing to spend. These should not be equal as ‘qualified’ is the high end and may not be wise to pursue. I can refer you to a great lender or, choose one you are comfortable with.

I then help you establish a realistic approach to your home search criteria so I don’t waste your time providing you listings you will have no interest in.

Online home photos are a valuable tool, but we should not put our complete faith in them. Visiting the property may or may not match what those photos depict. I can help save time by previewing properties of interest and point out why you may or may not want to visit them.

I will schedule all the favorable appointment times for you and the seller. Once we identify the property you desire to pursue with an offer, I will guide you through inspections and any hurdles along the way so that we land safely.

Now that we have reached the end of the search, you now get to start on the journey to joy and peace.

Ready to achieve your goal?

Realtor Johnny D Time Tested Solution To Kill Scorpions

Don’t waste your money on a pest control company as they are the ones who control the pests. That is how they make their money. Eradicate and DIY for less then $50 a year, not month, and rid yourselves of these creatures forever.


Hundreds of Uses - Mother nature's best kept secret. We encourage you to explore the many benefits of food grade diatomaceous earth!

The product is made of the naturally occuring fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of algae that forms in freshwater. These remains are ground up into a soft, fine white powder that carry many different uses. It's chemical free and completely safe to use around children and pets.

Powder duster included in the bag for easy and efficient application in difficult to reach areas.

Personally, I sprinkle it with a garden spade and then spread it out lightly with a broom. I want them to gag on it.

How To Get Rid Of Scorpions With Cyanora 9.7


Cyonara 9.7 Insecticide is non-encapsulated insecticide with 9.7% Lambda-cyhalothrin. Cyonara 9.7 has a long residual, low odor and that dries invisibly.

Use Cyonara 9.7 Insecticide indoors and outdoors. It has a broad label and may be used in food handling and food prep establishments, commercial, public, agricultural, industrial buildings, and to great perimeter areas.

This insecticide achieves unprecedented control of most pests within minutes and offers a residual that can last up to several months, even at considerably low-use rates.

scorpion in arizona


In Arizona, scorpions follow crickets. Discourage the crickets, no scorpions. 80% of bugs enter the house through the garage. The firewall door has a larger gap at the base then other doors.

Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth at the base of where the garage door comes down, all along the track and some at the base of the entry door to the house. Change it out every few months or after a rain, whichever comes first.

Spray the Cyanora 9.7 at the base of the interior doors and behind and under all major appliances. Make sure to leave the house after you spray as it takes 4 to 6 hours to remove the nasty smell. Say goodbye to these pests.

Realtor Johnny D is the best.

Realtor Johnny D is the best.


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