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Home Sold After A Prestigious Law Firm Couldn’t Sell It.

How This Home Sold After A Prestigious
Law Firm
Couldn’t Sell It

My client was a forty-five year old professional, married, one son, and two bull dogs, living in a master planned community, loving life.

After the market crash, his home now was worth over $150,000 less than he owed on his mortgage. He wanted some relief.

He had a second loan on the property and that bank did not want to negotiate that debt.

My client hired a law firm in Scottsdale to negotiate on his behalf. For over two months, this law firm was unable to successfully negotiate anything with either the first or second lender. Furthermore, this law firm informed my client that he would more than likely have to pay the full amount of the $60,000 owed on the second loan.

My client was frustrated. My client shared this situation with me. I offered to do a three way call with law firm as I had questions for them. My client agreed. My questions were not getting answered in a way that my client would have confidence in them going forward. My client gave the law firm four days to get a positive response. After four days, my client agreed to provide me a power of attorney to negotiate on his behalf.

I needed less then twenty-four hours to make things happen. Through my uncanny ability to track someone down, I procured the phone number of John Stumpf, President and CEO of Wells Fargo. I hit a brick wall with his personal secretary. That didn’t stop me. I made contact minutes later with someone in upper management. I told this person that I was just on the phone with his office and got disconnected. Not knowing why he did it (wink-wink), but without hesitation, he immediately connected me to Mr. Stumpf’s extension, bypassing Mr. Stumpf’s personal secretary.

Over and over, Mr. Stumpf asked me how I got through to his personal line. I had him move past that and explained the plight of my client. Before ending the call, Mr. Stumpf seemed to be more concerned with how I reached him, than with my client’s issue. I was wrong!

Within thirty minutes, I had three different Wells Fargo managers bending over backwards to help us out. I immediately contacted my client and told him of the good news, and in turn, he immediately fired the law firm.

In less than thirty days and with the assistance of the three Wells Fargo managers, a short sale was completed.

That wasn’t the best part… Not only did I negotiate the short sale, but with the help of my three favorite managers, I convinced the second lender to give up on collecting the $60,000 of my client’s debt. And for an added bonus… I convinced Wells Fargo to give my client a $3,000 moving allowance at close of escrow. Now, that’s success!

Needless to say, but I will. My client was extremely happy and relieved with the outcome.

Past Clients Recounting Our Success Stories

John was an absolute God-send to us in our search for the perfect home in Estrella Mountain Ranch. From the first contact, he was a fountain of helpful information.
The fact that he has lived in EMR for going on two decades makes him uniquely qualified.
In our search for that ‘perfect’ property, we had to go through our own process of figuring out what ‘perfect’ was for us… and all while living in Oregon. John was so patient, kind, and practical with us as we looked at various properties.
One of the best things about John is he is a straight-shooter and he always gave us the truth, even when we weren’t ready to hear it.
In the end, through his network of contacts, he found us the right home at a time when the available homes in EMR was at an all-time low. snatching it after another pending sale fell through. We give him a 10 out of 10!
Client Review For Johnny D Real Estate

Nate Csakany

Serial Entrepreneur

We can’t say enough good things about Johnny D. We purchased several properties from him and he was there with us every step of the way.

He was always honest and upfront with any questions we had and made himself available by phone at any time.

Johnny’s professionalism and outstanding work ethic put us at ease and made working with him a real pleasure.

He truly went ‘Above and Beyond” with us and we highly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a home. We will certainly be clients for life.

Client feedback For Johnny D Real Estate

Scott Hayden

Regional Manager

My family has worked with John twice now to purchase homes.

He is extremely conscientious, patient, knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile to make sure that you get what is best for you.

Definitely a man of integrity, and I would not hesitate to recommend his services.

Johnny D Real Estate Client Review

Geoff Forgey


Why Me? Why Not Me? An Unexpected Twist!

What I want to talk about today is something that happened many years ago when I was working in the hospitality industry.

One day, while working at the five diamond, five star Phoenician Hotel in Scottsdale, Az. at one of their restaurants, a party of five came in for lunch. Right away, everyone recognized the host of this group and were immediately terrified. Each one notified the manager to share their unwillingness to serve this group. The staff was aware of the verbal abuse and uneasiness this host caused throughout the hotel over the last week.

I immediately stepped in and volunteered to serve this group. After the meal, I presented the bill to the host. I then went to the bar to obtain drinks for another table. On my way back to the dining room, the host for the table was waiting for me at the hostess stand, next to my manager. The host proceeded to hand me the signed bill. Gratuity was written in, and yet the host handed me an additional $50 bill.

Then the host provided me the most flattering comment I had ever heard. The host said, “you are the first person in this business I couldn’t get too.” Your probably thinking what an odd statement. However, considering the person who gave it, I wore it as a badge of honor.

Before Donald Trump coined the phrase, “Your Fired,” this person actually displayed that behavior almost daily in the workplace at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York. The person I am referring to is, Leona Helmsley, notoriously known as the “Queen of Mean.” The story doesn’t end there.

Three years later, while in bible study at my Real Estate office, I received a page, you know, the texting device called a ‘pager’. Yes, before cell phones had texting capabilities, we used a pager. The message read, “to the person I couldn’t get too.” Leona Helmsley’s name and phone number were listed underneath.

I paused for a bit and wondered why she would be contacting me. I no longer worked at the Phoenician Hotel and I was working full time in Real Estate. I waited about ten minutes and I called her. She immediately told me it took some work to track me down. Evidently, when I was serving her at the Phoenician Hotel, she inquired as to what other interests I had, and she stated I handed her my Realtor business card. However, that card was from a company I worked for when I first started in the Real Estate business.

After some awkward social conversation, she asked me if I could sell her Paradise Valley home. This was no ordinary home. Guard gated, over 20,000 sq. ft., including guest house, 10 bedrooms, 13 baths, 3 pools, one an Olympic size indoor pool, second pool outside with a 36′ waterfall and a third pool with a marble slide. Sauna, steam room, workout facility, lava pit and incredible city and mountain views perched upon 10 acres atop of Mummy Mountain.

If Leona Helmsley had that much faith and trust in me while just being a waiter, to ask me to sell her mansion, then absolutely you should trust me as well.

The only questions is, will you? Call me today, John Deutsch at 480-256-8688. I am sure you will be glad you did. I am here to serve you. Again, John Deutsch, 480-256-8688. Thank you.  



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